Securely send print-traffic to any cinema, non-theatrical venue or popup cinema client anywhere.

Save time and costs on cinema print delivery with our simple, encrypted film distribution platform recognized around the globe.

Hi, I am Michael, your contact for getting Artinii.Pro technology in Canada.

Michael DobbinArtinii.Pro Representative for Canada

Securely send cinema prints and screeners with blockchain encryption and licenses built right in.

A cost effective solution for distributors serving clients as exhibitors, festivals, non-theatrical and pop-up screenings. Recognized around the globe, Artinii clients benefit from decreased costs and increased revenue potential.

Your movie, Your price, Your revenue, Your choice

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Deliver encrypted cinema prints in 2K with 5.1 audio at a fraction of the cost of DCP

Screen without the need for an internet connection

Smart Cinema

Block-chain encryption technology

Set up self-serve licensing, or manage directly

Make your content, trailers and pre-roll available anywhere, within an hour

Popup Cinema

Become your own popup exhibitor with the free Artinii Player

Get a legal license to show a film and charge admissions

Screen your film anywhere, no internet connection required to play

Artinii.Pro Representatives for Canada

Michael Dobbin– Artinii Canada Inc.

“I will help you set up Artinii.Pro technology for easier distribution of your films.”


+1 613 314-0331


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Film Upload

Go to Artinii.Pro set up your free account and click on Upload Film.

Film Upload


You can either upload subtitles at 6th step of upload process or after uploading the film go to and in the “My films” section, select Audio / Subtitles, “Edit audio & subtitles” and “Add custom subtitles”, then select the language of your subtitles. Add the file by clicking into the zone for upload. We can only work with “.srt” files.



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A cloud-enabled solution for delivering content to theatrical and public screenings, globally. A platform built on the most secure, patent pending technology, that provides you with a revolutionary solution for secure digital distribution and monetization of audiovisual content worldwide.

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